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The United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors (UASRC) is a non-profit organization whose member companies provide contracting services in areas impacted by extreme weather events.


Immediately after a storm, the area affected by the storm may be inundated with businesses claiming to be storm restoration contractors. Homeowners have been victimized by contractors who take deposits without ever doing any work; fail to identify all work necessary to comply with local building codes resulting in inadequate insurance claim payments; misrepresent their experience and claim to be part of a local contracting company; and perform work which fails to meet even the minimum standards of building codes or fails to comply with what was promised.

These bad contractors have cost homeowners thousands of dollars in losses and grief, often leaving them without sufficient funds for critical repairs, all the while giving the storm restoration industry a bad name.


To maintain the high standards that the public has the right to expect from a professional storm restoration contractor, in order to become a member of the UASRC, a potential member must first be referred to the selection committee, for review to determine if the applicant, based on information submitted and the criteria for the UASRC best business practices, has adhered to those practices and will likely continue to adhere to those best business practices in order to retain membership in the UASRC.. If they pass the scrutiny of the selection committee they must then be approved by the board of directors. Only after this approval will they be able to be awarded the privilege of being a UASRC member.


Although the UASRC cannot guarantee the work being done by a UASRC member storm restoration contractor, we can assure homeowners that all members have been not only subject to initial scrutiny but also to ongoing monitoring by UASRC in an effort to improve the industry by increasing the standards of behavior of those participating in the industry, such as soliciting through this website and otherwise feedback from homeowners who have done business with a UASRC storm restoration contractor to be certain its members continue to adhere to the best business practices which are a continued requirement for membership.

The UASRC hopes to be a standard setter for storm restoration contractor behavior which will attract more storm restoration contractors who are truly focused on honorably serving the needs of those who have suffered damage to their property as a result of severe weather.


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