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Associate Member support helps the UASRC deliver valuable information and support to Homeowners & Storm Restoration Contractors. The UASRC is a "Voluntary Commitment To Excellence" for all of our members, and for this reason the UASRC is now, and will allways be a more intimate group. It is our belief that by investing our energy in helping a handful of companies dominate their markets through ethical business practices, that competitors will adapt to compete. This adaptation will drive up the ethical standards for the entire industry.  

The primary reason companies want to participate in our Associate program is their concern for the Storm Restoration Industry. Once an Associate there are ample opportunities to network with our membership, and to develop a working relationship around the goal of changing this industry for the better. We have structured our Associate participation levels in a way that allows everyone who wishes to offer support an affordable option. Here is an overview of the participation levels:

  Minimum Yearly Financial Support  Annual Revenue
Standard  $5,000.00  Less than $250 Million
Premium $25,000.00 Over $250 Million 


All associates are encouraged to attend as many events as possible. In addition each Associate will be added to our Associate Directory. For Premium and higher members a rotating company banner ad on UASRC.org.


If you are interested in becoming an Associate, or have questions please email Travis.  His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 888-988-2772.

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