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When severe weather hits, many times it leaves destruction in its path. For many, that tragic event is only the beginning of a series of unfortunate events. It is not uncommon for unscrupulous contractors to flood into communities that have been damaged by storms. These contractors often portay themselves as a trusted local brand to help mask their true intentions and sub-standard work. Fly-by-night contractors are often in the news for:

  • stealing homeowners' money
  • not completing the work they were hired
  • leaving property owners with a poor quality installation.

The UASRC is here in part to help these victims of disreputable contractors to become whole again.  When a UASRC member becomes aware of a situation involving a disreputable contractor, they can appeal to the UASRC, and ask for help.  When possible, the UASRC will assist deserving homeowners make the needed repairs in order to help them start moving towards a brighter future.

The UASRC is ready at a moments notice to enter into an area that has been ravaged by catastrophic weather. Hurricanes, tornado's, and other large scale events leave more than damaged homes in their wake. Often the infrastructure of the community is destroyed leaving good people without enough food, water, clothing or shelter. The UASRC is ready to do our small part to help ease the pain created by the aftermath. As a nationwide organization, our members have offices and resources that can be deployed regardless of where the catastrophe strikes. The UASRC members have the use of our Catastrophe Response trailer. This allows them to bring in needed supplies to give freely to all in need.


Charitable Outreach


The UASRC is very proud to be part of the American Red Cross “Ready When The Time Comes” disaster response team. When a disaster strikes, UASRC Members and their dedicated staff may be called upon to enter the disaster zone and help those in need.  Every year the American Red Cross helps an untold number of people when they need it most.  It is a great honor for the UASRC to be able to do a small part in making their good works possible. 

 The UASRC has supported and will continue to support the mission of Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity.  Although these two great organizations serve different groups, there is an overlap in both dedication and caring for those in need.  The UASRC makes every possible effort to do several projects per year with these pillars of the non-profit community.


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