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“Raising the Ethical Standard of the Storm Industry through Education”

This is our mission and our goal. Everything we do is to fulfill this directive.


The UASRC was formed by a group of contractors who want to make a positive change in the storm restoration industry.  The Founders knew that the only way to keep the focus on making positive change was to be established as a non-profit organization. That is why the UASRC is a 501(C)6 non-profit trade association whose focus is solely on educating the storm restoration industry.

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If you were to ask a UASRC member why they chose to become members they would say:


  • Owner Level Education -  The onslaught of issues and concerns being an owner in the Storm Restoration Industry is beyond compare with the standard education opportunities. The UASRC provides some of the best owner education out there. It is owner to owner training and so much more. The one-on-one training available is something that will take your company to the next level.


  • To make a difference in the industry -  The storm restoration industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. The number of new laws, and regulations have been increasing at an alarming rate. The UASRC primary motive is to give a voice to our members. To do this we work closely with state based organizations and help the battle negative legislation. Your membership helps to further a positive change in the storm restoration industry.


  • Differentiation -  The UASRC is small by design. As a trade association we want only the best of the best. This is accomplished by a strict new member application review process, and ongoing scrutiny of our members.  This means that once a member you are part of a select group of professionals who share your passion for a better tomorrow. The UASRC brand is a powerful statement.  You are able to use this when talking with homeowners to show them that you are different from your competitors.


  • Friendly Competition -  When you are a storm contractor it sometimes feels like you are on an island surrounded by sharks.  You spend a lot of time learning the lay of the land, and that costs you.  When you become a member of the UASRC you are joining a fraternity of fellow professionals.  This means that if you are going to be going to a new city you can call on members who have been there before, or are there right now.  This type of network is unheard of, but ask any current member, and they will tell you that it is very powerful.  


  • Networking -  The UASRC gets together four times a year.  At these get togethers members can come and talk about the issues that are most pressing for their business.  It is a fact that your business will grow indirectly from your UASRC membership.  It is near impossible to walk away from a UASRC event with out new insight, methods, or ideas on how to grow your business in a responsible, and ethical way.



  • Regular Membership: Regular Members are passionate about the future of the storm restoration industry. Their membership shows their dedication to the future of the storm restoration industry. The investment required to become a Regular Member is $1,000.00 per year.


Find out what it takes to become a member of the UASRC. Contact the UASRC today. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1-888-988-2772

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