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How to Choose a Professional Roofing Company 

Whether you are investing in stock, a new car or roof on your home, proper research and asking the right questions can save you time, worry and ultimately, money. With so many roofing contractors eager and willing to replace your roof, be prepared to ask questions and do your homework prior to signing any paperwork.


To hire a professional roofing contractor and avoid making costly mistakes, follow these 6 simple rules and avoid taking a risk on one of your biggest investments, your home.

1. What is their website and where are they located? Although this sounds like a simple question, you would be surprised at the amount of name and number changing companies that can repair your roof one year and disappear the next. It’s important to check out the contractor’s website (How professional is it? How long has it been active?), look for their address (How long have they had a permanent address?) and even ask if you can stop by (How does the office look? How professional are the contractor’s appearances, trucks?).

2. Can they give you references? Reputable contractors will have lists compiled of their happy and satisfied customers. Often times, simply asking a contractor for a reference list will provide you with enough information to make your decision. Where are their references located? Do you see some familiar street names in or near the city you live?

            3. Are they licensed and insured? Roofing licensing varies state to state but if required, licensed contractors are listed on your states’ contractor website. Any and all roofing contractors should be insured. If they can’t provide you with their insurance company and are not taking the proper steps in protecting their own company, chances are, they will not take the proper steps in restoring your home.

            4. What are their accreditations, endorsements and awards? Checking out a roofer’s accreditations can tell you a lot about their business without much time and energy. Contractors, who are endorsed by large supply manufacturers like Owens Corning, can offer a large array of benefits to homeowners  (lifetime warranties) that other roofing contractors can’t. Having the backing of a large manufacturer solidifies a contractor’s promise to stand behind their warranty and offer higher quality craftsmanship. Also, homeowners should look for a contractor’s involvement in industry organizations such as United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors (UASRC) and National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Certification in restoration fields such as HAAG Engineering can also preview a homeowner on how well trained a contractor is in assessing hail and wind damage.

            5. How long have they been in business? Although decades of experience cannot guarantee quality craftsmanship, years in business often serves as a telltale sign in the overall stability of a business.

            6. Are they listed in the BBB? Although a common method used for homeowners to assess contractors, looking up a company’s BBB rating is a simple way to check the overall character of a company.

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